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Your child is safe with us
Philosophy Statement

Bright Future Child Care Centre is a small family owned child care centre located at 55 Power Street, Doonside NSW 2767. We believe in providing a cosy group environment that is secure, caring, loving, nurturing and encouraging. We make every effort to create a home-like environment that is welcoming and warm. We recognise a consistent and safe environment is essential for each child’s development.

Families are encouraged to share their culture, language and home experiences with the centre. Our emphasis is on partnerships with families and The Hills community. Families are encouraged to participate in the centre and share in decision making.

Children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play. Our environment provides the opportunities for children to reach their potential in daily activities, arts, problem solving, mathematics, language, literacy and communications.

We aim to provide a diverse program that reflects individual needs. Through ongoing observations and evaluations, we aim to provide enriching experiences that encourage and promote learning and development. Our program will cater for children with special needs. We believe that all children should be treated with equality, and their cultural and linguistic diversity embraced and acknowledged.

On a daily basis, staff will encourage and assist children with meal or snack times, dressing, sleeping, toileting and nappy changing. Children are provided with a balance of active and quiet activities, and rest time is allocated accordingly. A balance of indoor and outdoor experiences will also be incorporated. Positive encouragement and reinforcement are used as tools to direct and promote good behaviours of children.

We recognise the importance of our staff in our ability to implement these philosophies in order to provide the highest quality care. Our staffs are committed to continuing professional development in their childcare career. Staff meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss issues arising from the centre and also evaluate their childcare practices.

The centre regularly observes documents and evaluates all practices, to continually update and improve the quality of service and standard of care we are proud of. We aim to provide a loving, caring, nurturing environment that promotes each child's learning and development, self esteem and individuality. Staff and parents are actively encouraged to provide feedback and input for programmed activities, policies and practices.

55 Power Street, Doonside, NSW 2767
Email: czg90@hotmail.com
Phone: (02) 8678 4817