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Don't worry.
Your child is safe with us
What We Provide ...

  • The centre has carefully designed to maximise the care, play and learning environment for children.
  • Programs encourage children to make choices and take on new challenges.
  • A full school readiness program (Develop confidence in themselves, and effective social/group skills, pre-writing, number, shapes, colours and letter recognition skills)
  • A music program delivered by a qualified music teacher.
  • Educational performers and special event.
  • Equipped with contemporary laptops and educational computer programs.
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor areas.
  • A large beautifully landscaped garden with natural grass is provided, huge shade including the tree shade for the children explore.
  • All new facilities and equipment and has huge outdoor playground equipment, sandpit, and areas for art and craft, allowing safe areas for all children to enjoy their day in any weather.
  • Provide a quiet and nice room, kitchen facilities, dedicated bathroom and nappy changing facilities and calm rest areas for all children.
  • Security intercom entry system
  • Childcare benefit and childcare rebate available.
  • CCTV cameras and fully air conditioned.
  • Qualified educators
  • Individualized, multicultural and anti-biased environment
  • Progress reports be viewed in June and December, cultural awareness and celebrations.
55 Power Street, Doonside, NSW 2767
Email: czg90@hotmail.com
Phone: (02) 8678 4817